"Lifelong Chinchilla Enthusiast Shares
Her Little Known Secrets to Raising
Healthy and Happy Chinchillas—


From: Marilyn Ross

Dear Fellow Chinchilla Lover,

        Hello there! My name is Marilyn Ross and I welcome you to my Chinchilla Care Website. I have been caring for pet chinchillas for as long as I can remember and I assure you, over that time, I have gained all the knowledge I can get from rearing and raising my little chinchillas. I enjoy helping my friends and neighbors who also adore chinchillas, but I have decided to step up a notch—by sharing this knowledge with you free of charge.

Please take a look at my website for more information about chinchillas, or sign up to my FREE 14-part e-mail course to receive a daily e-mail in your inbox about caring for chinchillas for the next 14 days.

      Here’s is what you will discover in my FREE Course:

  • The absolute rule of thumb to knowing whether or not your family is perfect for owning a chinchilla. (Read this if you don’t want to regret becoming a bad parent to your pet later on!)

  • Three of the most curious traits of a chinchilla, how to understand them, and what you can do to satisfy these quirks and let your chinchilla start giving you love and affection.

  • One chinchilla… Two chinchillas… Three chinchillas? How to decide how many pets you and your family should keep and why the number of chinchillas affects how good a parent you will be.

  • A clear-cut, no-fuss blueprint to socializing your chinchilla and helping him recognize you as a loving parent—and not the big, burly predator he thinks you are!

  • That single brilliant but little-known technique that will absolutely make your chinchilla feel better and let you pick him up, without him struggling to jump from your hands, even during his first few days at your home.

  • One thing—just one thing!—that your chinchilla does to show you that he is ready to bond with you.

  •      And so much more!

We’ll send you your first lesson as soon as you confirm your subscription, and we’ll talk to you soon.

All the best,

Marilyn Ross

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