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A Basic Guide to Chinchilla Breeding

Chinchillas have no specific mating season and breed any time in the year. Unlike most members of the rodent family, they have a longer conception period of 111 days (approximately 4 months). And unlike their cousins, young chinchillas (called “kits”) are referred to by biologists as “nidifugous” or “precocious.” This means that they’re born fully [...]

The Different Chinchilla Colors

Chinchilla colors may be very diverse. These range from the typical grey, to the strikingly white; and there are even quirky violet and blue varieties. Depending on the personalities of their owners, most times you can tell how they are as individuals with their choice in their pet chinchilla’s color. But it was only in [...]

The Noises Your Chinchilla Can Make

Your adorable chinchilla is usually a quiet pet, but has the ability to make several noises. Don’t be surprised whenever they do so. Though chinchillas make noises whenever they nibble on something, shuffle about in their cage, or run in their exercise wheel, chinchillas use sounds to communicate with each other or whenever they react [...]

Chinchillas and their Wild Habitat

Ever wondered where your adorable chinchilla comes from? Fine, you may have gotten it from a pet store, but do you know where it really comes from?
Natural chinchilla habitat is the cool and arid environment of the Andes Mountains in South America (that runs across Chile, Peru, Bolivia, and Argentina). Rock crevices and underground [...]

A House for Your Chinchilla

Some owners like the idea of having their chinchillas run free in an enclosed place, keeping a physical house for them to hide or sleep in. Other owners have both a cage and a house, keeping their pet’s adorable residence inside its own cage. Chinchillas are sensitive to noise and loud activity, having higher receptivity [...]