Chinchilla Names

Naming a pet can be a hard thing for most people. Others find it easy and very enjoyable. For some, it can be too much of a hassle. So, in naming your pet chinchilla, how does one go about it? What would be a great name for it?

For some, the process starts early on, even before they actually buy their chinchilla. Others prefer “meeting” their prospective pets first and figure out how they are with them. They use the experience and impressions on the chinchilla’s personality to begin considering a name. For many who have come to own chinchillas, the list of interesting chinchilla names has grown to match these adorable pets perfectly.

How your chinchilla looks like is always a great start. You’ll be surprised at the chinchilla names you can come up with just by looking at the color of their fur alone: “Peanut”, “Silver”, or “Patches.” Fur texture holds a lot of ideas also: “Cotton” or “Scruffy.” For chubby chinchillas, you can call it “Fatso”; for thinner ones, there’s “Scrappy” and “Skinny.” Chinchillas have big ears of varying shapes and sizes, so that could spark some inspiration from you too.

Chinchilla personalities hold a lot of ideas for many people. They are naturally active, leaping and scrambling about in their cage. Having evolved into jumpers and climbers due to their mountainous and rocky environment, you can name your pet “Frenzy”, “Loco”, “Dynamo” or simply, “Jumper.” You may chance upon a more submissive and sluggish chinchilla at the pet shop, bringing to mind names like, “Sleepy” and “Turtle.” Keep in mind that whether your pet’s active or slow-moving, they won’t really change. Choosing an energetic one while at the store means that it will still be an active one by the time you bring it home. You can get lucky with chinchillas that are withdrawn when you hold them and they eventually get used to you begin to handle them. Most times, they are stubborn, and stay timid and shy. If your pet likes to crawl around, a cool name would be exactly the word; or if it loves using its exercise wheel, try “Orbit.”

Figuring out where your chinchilla comes from holds interesting ideas for chinchilla names too. Since these creatures are originally from the Andes Mountains, creative names you can come up with include “Sierra” and the popular, “Andy.” Even playing on the name of the pet store or breeder you got it from is a good source.

One can really go anywhere with the names they choose for their pet chinchillas. If movies and music is your thing, you can use the names of your favorite actor or artist. If you’re feeling nostalgic you can settle for memorable characters during your childhood. Though your friends won’t really appreciate it, you can play on their names also, especially when if their personalities are similar to the pet you have.

Let your imagination run wild. Keep in mind that there aren’t really any particular names that those who own chinchillas are keen on using. There aren’t any rules really, just whatever strikes your fancy. And yes, the chinchilla names you pick do give a little extra character to your pets. But chinchillas have so much personality already that whatever name can work. Unlike dogs though, chinchillas don’t react to names. But since these cute creatures end up becoming part of the family, owners feel like they have to call them something unique and endearing.